Mecanics Management

Create and manage the mecanics of your organisation. Assign them to the inspections and the operations you want. Manage their skills depending on the operations perfomed. Consult their statistics and their work history.

Inspections Management

You can manage from A to Z your inspections with different modes. You can assign the operations to each of your mecanics or just manage the opening and the closing of each inspection. You can print a global work order or an individual one for each of your mecanics.

Official Technical Documentation Available

Consult and download all the technical documents about your aircrafts. All the official documents from aviation authorities (EASA, FAA, …) and manufacturers are available : AD, SB, SL, SI and Maintenance Manuals.

Multiple Sites Management

Define your different sites and assign your aircrafts and your mecanics to organize the activities of your company everywhere in the world.

Statistics of your Organization

Consult the statistics of your company, of each of your sites or of each of your mecanics. Measure the performances of your company ! Keep a detailed  history of your activity.

Inventory Management

Define your warehouses and storage locations. Manage part orders, stock entries and consumption during inspections. Display your inventory available in real time.

Complete Traceability

All modification on aircrafts, equipments, limits is saved archived and timestamped. You can access everytime the values before and after the modification.